DIA and SOXX longs on the way up

From the start of the rally on 2/12 I have been recommending DIA (or INDU or YM take your pick).

And on 2/24 on playing the bounce scenario: "If so then way to do it is reduce on full safe haven positions if they show rejections from major resistance and put into the USA leaders DIA and SPY that are above the FebPs (obviously, only if that is the case)."

3/8, 3/9, 3/10 pointing out how DIA / YM holding YP already, the most bullish of the USA main indexes. 

Along with every weekly USA main index post after from 2/13 (just go to FAQ, put in USA main index and then use the tag feature to view them all) - I pointed out that INDU had held its YS1 (where others broke and recovered).

OK, DIA is not that big a deal compared to SPY as percents up from lows approximately the same. Actually by percentage gain IWM is up the most from the 2/12 low; but also most at risk to stall. If it is percentage up from lows you are after, then you had chances on oil, EWZ, RSX and EEM too!

But I would say DIA being the pivot leader has been much easier to hold the way up, and this counts as a psychological advantage. After clearing the FebP on 2/17, there was not 1 daily close below a monthly pivot! And despite the red bars 3/8-10, DIA was clearly holding its yearly pivot! Now today as I type it is soaring above its MarR2 as well! Just no reason to be reducing at any point yet on the rally. 

And here is SOXX idea from 3/1 as a way to shift portfolio more long even though already quite a bit up from lows: "Then easiest way to shift more bullish was to cut FXI shorts, add on SOXX above its 1HP and possibly QQQ above its YP, although that level is a bit suspect."

Now this has mattered quite a bit. QQQ from 3/1 close to today as I type it is only up 1.5%. SOXX up nearly 5.5%! If you wanted in on the rally and get back into tech, then QQQ is middling, IBB is a disaster, and SOXX is leaving them in the dust.