Was 4/1 a big high for the market?

Using the 5 main USA indexes, sticking to ETFs here for ease:

SPY 4/1 high
QQQ 4/6 high a bit above 4/1 high
DIA market leader this year 4/1 close high, price high was .03 higher 4/2
IWM similar 4/1 close high, pennies higher 4/2
NYA 3/30 price and close high

Usually we will see multiple indexes on resistance levels for significant turns in the market. The larger the timeframe the more important so a big top "should" have several yearly, half-year or quarterly resistance levels involved, or a combination. That wasn't really the case here:

SPY reached MarR2, no pivots tagged after 4/1
QQQ reached Q1P, no pivots tagged after 4/1 (Also, QQQ levels maybe suspect this year so confirm with NDX)
DIA reached and exceeded MarR2, no pivots tagged after 4/1
IWM reached MarR2, no pivots tagged after 4/1
NYA is really the issue here, with price high just under its YP, rejection from 1HP, and yesterday's hold of AprP is being undone. 

So 3 indexes on monthly resistance levels - in the previous month though! - and another index tagging a quarterly pivot but same idea, previous quarter. Only NYA tagging current pivots and showing rejection. This would be quite rare to a big top like this. But I will have to shift more bearish the more stock indexes break the AprPs, and the more we see the safe haven trade back on.