USA main indexes

Last week:  2 strong, 1 middling, 1 weaker, 1 TBD -.
This week: 3 strong, 1 mixed, 1 TBD +.

So positive status change in the tech set going from middling to strong, joining INDU and SPX already there. RTY small caps remain in long term downtrend but above both medium term levels, so from weaker to mixed. NYA, getting "TBD" designation looked like pause semi-rejection from levels last week but came back to close near the levels with more chance of clear, getting a +.

Still, bullish status shifts in 3 of the 5 main USA indexes and a major change for NDX/COMPQ/QQQ/NQ to all be back above YPs, the first time since 1/5/2016 for COMPQ to be above its YP. 

The levels to watch in the coming week are still the NYA YP / HP combo at 10302 / 10228 respectively.

The other thing that is a factor is high daily chart RSIs.
SPY RSI high 4/1 69.25
QQQ RSI high 4/1 70.33
DIA RSI high 4/1 73.12, bullish to be above its 3/18-19 highs
IWM RSI high 3/7 69.87
NYA RSI high 3/18 67.88

A strong market can ignore overbought readings as the Dow has already done so far, but as more indexes join in overbought territory the more likely move is a slowdown to a range with a quick shakeout to work off the overbought condition. 

Above all pivots, bullish; and not near any major resistance area. Huge support with YP 1HP Q2P and AprP all nearby. On SPX the cluster is 1980-2023. Major resistance is up at the YR1, 1HR1 and Q2R1 area all 2151-2163. The near term concern is the high daily chart RSIs.

This was a huge week for the tech set as NDX lifted from its YP, COMPQ cleared YP for the first time since 1/5 this year, and NQ also jumped above its YP for the second time confirming the QQQ move earlier. QQQ different structure due to 8/24/2015 spike so I haven't really been considering that status of above its YP as fully real - now it is though. 

These continue to look great especially with DIA / YM daily charts ignoring overbought readings and continuing to power up. 

Mixed condition. Still well below long term levels YP and 1HP, decently above Q2P and above AprP as well. Still can be considered as possible USA long hedge against DIA, SOXX, possible SPY/QQQ longs in coming weeks.

The NYA is the only "but" of this week with clear stall at the YP / HP combo. But bang on the level and may clear next week. The daily chart shows that drops were met with enthusiastic buying. Watch this NYA YP HP area next week. VTI is already above but that is a slightly different index; still as a very broad market ETF it helps to be above.