Timing model update

I've written a few posts about this. Timing is one of four components of my total market view, but I've been doing a very fast and rough version of this work this year. These dates don't get all the turns, but so far the 2 dates on Model B have been very near or on the major lows. 

Possible Model B turn dates (established from start of year) have been: 

1/19, turned into 1/20 low. I didn't write anything at the time about the timing model.

2/11-15, turned into major low! I wrote about this in more detail here.

3/9 area has been on the map since then, although I also thought after 3/1 or so we would see more volatility per Model A into 3/11 which so far has been off. Too bad! Get what you pay for here, free and very part time... although it would been just utterly fantastic to have suspected this 3/9-11 area as a high in advance (instead of low as I planned) because then perhaps I would have pushed the longs from 2/12 even more aggressively. If anyone wants to compensate for full time market consulting, I'm available! :)

So, the next dates on Model B after this 3/9 area are:

4/1 mild
4/9 strong
4/22 medium
4/29 medium