Timing model update

This is a rough sort of work in progress and i am not spending too much time on it. The two Model B dates this year (established in December, honest) have been 1/19 (1 day from low) and 2/11-15 (also a low), and the next is 3/9. Given the year I thought that the 3/9 date may also be a low but if that is the case we should see the market dropping fairly soon. 

Model A also pointed to increasing volatility from 3/1-11. 

So, either we are seeing inversion and up, especially if we see any major index (ES, YM, DIA, etc as pointed out several times this week). This kind of thing is annoying with the cycle stuff, and feel free to ignore this portion entirely as the pivots work well enough on their own. Or we are about to get a clean rejection and move down to test the MarPs. This would likely coincide with safe havens lifting and clear major resistance.

I still kind of prefer the latter but as usual let pivots guide positioning. If ES trades above 1988 I will scratch bearish bias and start thinking more about inversion ie 3/9 area high.