Timing model

Last update 3/24Rough work in progress. 

Model A 3/18-21 delivered minor high. At the time I thought the way to play a small reaction was VIX futs since on a YS1, TLT long again on major levels, XLF short since lagging and on levels, possibly FXI short to hedge out EEM.

Model A 3/31
Model B 4/1 mild

So some chance of turn here in this window, with 4/8 being the next inflection point (Model B 4/9 "strong" date is Saturday). But these could both turn out to be highs, or some stock high here and pullback into 4/8 could also happen. SPY, DIA etc reached levels but we'll have new monthly pivots starting Friday so without levels I will be much more reluctant to adjust positioning based on timing idea alone. Hopefully there will be setups on new Q2Ps in some indexes, but if you are following along you are mostly fully invested depending on management of GLD / GDX from yesterday. 

Keep in mind 2/11-15 the big turn on the year was both Model A and Model B turn but I had just started writing about it. So sometimes these work. But I can have wrong idea as I misjudged Model A 3/1-11 move, although did point to inversion possibility early in that period, with Model B 3/8 being a pullback within that. 

In other words, sometimes Model A & B combine to produce nice turns in the same direction, but it is also possible that Model A is up and B down which complicates the matter. This is just a rough sort of experiment I am doing and feel free to ignore and focus on pivots. Maybe after several turns on pre-published timing dates it will warrant your attention. :)