Timing model

Last update 3/15: Model A (rough work in progress, no strong opinions) had "next possible inflection point "3/18-21." This one not too bad with SPY and other stock index high area 3/17-22, SPX close high 3/21, oil high 3/18, VIX low 3/18, DXY low 3/17-18. 

Now what? No strong opinion regarding next week. 3/31 possible turn area but no opinion on direction.

Model B generates strong, medium or mild turn possibilities. No change to previous comments from 3/15 so:

4/1 mild (so near model A 3/31)
4/9 strong
4/22 medium
4/29 medium

This site and my tactics are mostly pivots. Basically this means if we see big levels on 4/9 it might be worth putting more on the trade. That would have been the right idea on the 2/11-15 turn area with all those yearly levels. If you bought DIA that worked well. If you bought DIA and oil as suggested that was even better, following with EEM and other oil related ETFs EWZ & RSX the following week. But if you bought IWM and/or HYG, or simply put more on DIA and oil than just starter positions, then that would have been even more gains.