TLT above YP, HP and even 1HR1 acting as support and Q1P; still under MarP. Upward sloping 20MA on Q, M, and W charts, but not daily. Ie, mostly still strong uptrend. However, potential BB and RSI divergence forming on the quarterly chart, for now something to note. For more see the details below. 

Recent rec of buying TLT if above both 1HR1 and WP did well, although probably a better idea was one portion on the 1HR1 and then add above the WP. That would have been lower average cost. 

TLT W well above long term pivots and despite 1 week break of 1HS1 recovered that level and acting as support. High of year on YR1 / 1HR2 combo so for now that is the long term range.

TLT D with medium term levels. TLT has spent all of March below its pivot and yet not much damage. Also, it didn't reach MarS1 while many stock indexes reached MarR2s. Point: TLT holding up quite well. If it maintains strength into quarter end then it will be poised to be above all pivots, but several days to decide that. 

TLT D with all levels harder to read unless fluent in these methods. Remember, MarP in play only through end month but active until then. Jumping above Q1R2 bullish today, though still some resistance near the MarP. 

As quarter end approaches I think it could be worthwhile to look at regular format charts on larger timeframes. Standard bollinger bands, 10MA in light blue, 20MA in orange, 50MA in purple below. Quarterly chart here and very strong trend with nicely trending 20MA. But te top shows classic divergence pattern from previous highs both on BB and RSI. The top is completely inside the BB while previous highs were outside; and despite a quarterl close near the high bar RSI likely lower. Divergence precedes big turns but also can last an excruciating amount of time if you are looking for a turn. For now, something to note. As we head into Q2, is the big money move sell bonds or buy bonds? Not sure!

Monthly chart below. A close here would look quite bullish, ie small red bar in  uptrend that held last bar open area.