These got whacked today. Too bad, I thought stocks may consolidate this week but didn't think that would correspond with a big drop in GLD. FOMC chatter. Anyway, yesterday GLD was comfortably above YR1 and today gapped under the level. If you had full positions then the decision here is to reduce taking gain today or use the MarP as a rough stop area and see what happens.

The other thing to factor in is the DXY yearly pivot; see the recent currency post. Point being DXY above YP would be additional pressure on GLD and GDX.

GLD W chart 1 week up bar above levels, 2 weeks red bars, this one looking like break although 2.5 more trading days left before close. 

And there is the MarP smaller orange dots which still can be support. 

GDX W looked like it might clear the YR1, but fading under this week. 

GDX yesterday looked fine above YR1, today down but not so bad. Well above the MarP.