Bullish comments from 8/21+

8/21/2017 Daily comment: "SPY tested and held AugS1 today, though the bounce for session seemed weak. But factor in moving averages, Bollinger bands and RSI, one has to conclude a 'maybe' low. For SPY, this was the nearest test of D100MA since the election; also, a close back inside the Bollinger band after 2 closes outside; as RSI near lows for 2017. In addition, this is happening as sentiment via standard put-call near highs for the year and CNN Fear & Greed Index at major lows."

9/2/2017 New highs new lows: [8/26/2017] "The market is not 'in the clear' until new highs exceed new lows. Should that happen, point in bulls favor. [9/2/2017] "And that is how it played out on 8/31, with 10MA of new highs jumping to 63 with new lows falling to 49. Note these other crosses since 2016 have been excellent places to return to bullish mode - 3/1/2016 and 11/10/2017."

9/4/2017 Total market view: "As of 9/1 close, all USA main indexes are back above all pivots. This hasn't been the case since 8/1 due to IWM weakness in August. In addition, all global indexes I track are above all pivots as well, and held up quite nicely through August. VIX is back under all pivots. But... TLT and GLD are above all pivots as well, and XIV showed some bearish divergence on 9/1 by not reclaiming all pivots. As of 9/1 close, mostly long risk seemed appropriate, but perhaps not fully long and definitely not leverage with safe havens so concerned about the market."

9/11/2017 Daily comment: "But today, all 5 USA main indexes back above all pivots, and this time XIV confirmed the VIX move by also moving above all pivots (fractionally but still). In addition, monthly charts had seemed to be on the way to reversal bars for the 5 USA main indexes, yet today 4 of 5 (excepting QQQ) went back to positive for the month."

9/17/2017 Total market view: "All 5 USA main indexes back above all pivots on 9/11, and both XIV and VIX together confirmed risk on for the first time since 8/10 on that day as well. Bulls have the ball." "Bottom line - 6 weeks into the seasonal weaker months of August and September, and SPX had a minor dip of -2.95% and raced back to highs. IWM took the brunt of the hit at -7%. I'm going with the trend until price action forces defensive moves the other way...."

9/23/2017 Total market view: "Nearly all stock indexes remain in uptrends, above all pivots. VIX has been below all pivots from 8/22, and XIV above all pivots from 9/11. Safe havens were weaker last week, with TLT breaking its YP and GLD breaking SepP. The environment is bullish for risk assets."

9/28/2017 Daily comment: "In others words, risk on. To emphasize, SPX very bullish above 2503 because it opens the door to 2576."

9/29/2017 Daily comment: "Market closing out Q3 strong with convincing breakout above long term resistance for SPY. This is important as above 2HR1 opens the door to YR2 up near 258 on SPY and 2576 on SPX." 

10/1/2017 Total market view: "Bottom line - SPY and VTI just broke out above long term resistance as TLT fell back under its YP and GLD continued to fail from its breakout attempt. In addition, weekly charts on many global indexes look similar to USA indexes in August -  in other words, a normal pullback in an uptrend. Stock bulls have the ball."

10/2/2017 Daily comment: "USA main indexes continue to power up, with all 5 above all pivots and above all MAs... Also, none of these are currently at any pivot resistance levels as IWM rallied above its 2HR1 today. Next levels up for most others are OctR1s, and then more important Q4R1s above that. Safe havens are all saying bullish for risk assets...."

10/3/2017 Daily comment: "More points in the bulls favor with all USA indexes continuing up, VIX & XIV failing to reverse despite the chance to do so, and both EEM & EWZ joining the "above all pivots" party in a massive way. Oh yeah, FXI and EWZ both +3%." "In other words while extended, the ideal top is higher than now."

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