USA main indexes

Power move continues with SPY, DIA, IWM and VTI all clearing Q1R1s last week (QQQ cleared 1/5). SPY and NYA even above 1HR1 with QQQ and VTI testing that level, DIA and IWM a bit more to go.

Broadly speaking YR1s seem like done deal and likely to be seen in 1H if not Q1. Current JanR2s on SPY and IWM possible pause areas. 

SPX W: Reached 1HR1 in the 2nd week of the year. YR1 seems likely if not next week then likely in Q1. Also note last touch of long term pivot June 2016. Wow. 
SPY D: Above 1HR1, JanR2 test. Next levels above are Q1R2 and then YR1. 
ES H D: Last day below a monthly pivot 8/29/2017; nearly all of that time above 10MA as well.
SPX sum: Amazing move just becomes even more stunning. Keep it simple target of YR1 from first week nicely on track. Currently JanR2 maybe a level to pause and consolidate, but bullish to be above 1HR1 in the 2nd week of the year. 

13 5 ESH D.png

NDX W: Testing 1HR1, with YR1 and 1HR2 very doable targets for Q1.
QQQ D: Testing 1HR1 after getting through Q1R1 without any trouble. 
NQ H: Below a monthly pivot as recently as early December. 
NDX sum: Healthy, above all pivots and MAs. Testing 1HR1 but not above like SPX.

13 6 NDX W.png

INDU W: Going for 1HR1, not quite there yet; then above that YR1 likely.
DIA D: Since reclaiming above all pivots in early Sept, just no sign of any trouble at red resistance levels. Last test of pivot 12/1 with exact hold of DecP. Above Q1R1, heading for 1HR1.

13 10 DIA D.png

RUT W: Going for YR1 / 1HR1 combo.
IWM D: Through Q1R1, JanR2 top so far. Big cluster at YR1 / 1HR1 and Q1R1.

13 11 RUT W.png

NYA W & D: Above 1HR1 already, going for Q1R2 then YR1 above that.
VTI W & D: Testing 1HR1.

13 13 NYA W.png
13 14 NYA D.png
13 15 VTI W.png