The KWEB story

File this under oh well. I first had this idea in December 2016, thinking USA tech might be weaker due to Trump concerns (wrong!) and then money would to international as replacement (kinda right).

At the time I said not a trade rec since the pivotal perspective was that QQQ was stronger. It is true that QQQ recovered all pivots early in 2017 and KWEB did not do so for good until 1/23.

KWEB weekly bars vs QQQ (red line) from 2014 - terrible.

22 50 KWEB vs QQQ W.png

From 2015 however, returns are about the same with pockets of out-performance and under-performance mostly due to China market.

22 51 KWEB vs QQQ W.png

Since July 2016, KWEB has had two periods of outperforming QQQ, but dropped more in late October and then again after the election into year end. 

22 52 KWEB vs QQQ D.png

Now look at KWEB vs QQQ in 2017 only. That's amazing. KWEB nearly double the gains of QQQ, and QQQ has about doubled SPY thus far. Too bad not spotted earlier for portfolio.