Safe havens

Several safe havens are at interesting levels and will be part of the tell going forward. These confirmed trouble early in the quarter with VIX and TLT both moving above Q2Ps and GLD was already above all pivots. But VIX stopped bang on 1HP, and TLT highest daily RSI in months looks like a top near Q2R1 & AprR2 areas. AGG is also something to watch, testing YP and 1HP levels.

Bottom line levels to watch:
VIX, TLT, AGG and GLD Q2R1s (all nearby), along with AGG YP / 1HP

Weekly chart down from 1HP, but did not fully reverse the high bar. Hm.
Daily chart jump above Q2P and fast move to 1HP which held it; now resistance at Q2R1 as well.
Daily MA chart some support near rising D20 and below that rising D50 near Q2P.
VIX sum - VIX daily RSI overbought near pivot resistance or the days of rejections of pivots have been among the best stock buys of the last several years. However, VIX still above Q2P and AprP.

22 30 VIX W.png
22 31 VIX D.png
22 32 VIX D.png
22 33 VIX D.png

Weekly rejection of YR2, and still resistance at 1HR2.
Daily charts 2 breaks and 2 recoveries of Q2P.

22 34 XIV W.png
22 35 XIV D.png
22 36 XIV D.png

Weekly chart near tag of YP / 1HP pivot area.
These levels look further away on daily charts.
Above Q2P and AprP continued up to Q2R1, and so far only 2 trading days above that level. 
TLT sum - daily RSI highest in months, rally to Q2R1 area and AprR2, plus weekly BBs, has potential to be a key top. 

22 39 TLT D.png

Also rallied to test YP / 1HP area.

Strong since mid March with hold of YP 1HP.
Daily chart also running into Q2R1.
Later March under D200 was not dropping, then jumped above. 

22 41 GLD W.png
22 42 GLD D.png
22 43 GLD D.png

Not matching GLD structurally this year. Under D200, and already back under 1HP.

22 44 GDX D.png