Monthly charts

5 trading days from end of month and quarter, so I will probably post some long term charts again soon. For now, 3 main index monthly charts for consideration.

2 gray lines are 2015 price high and monthly close high; red line 2000 price high (*the top*). After brief pullback and some shuffle around that 2000 high 4816 NDX has jumped back above the level. This is very bullish. Pushing outside the monthly Bollinger band a bit; RSI not yet overbought. 

Same idea on gray lines, the 2015 price and monthly close highs. This has basically backtested previous high area and so far holding - bullish. We don't know where the monthly bar will close, and a lot can happen in 5 days, but if it finished here it would look ready to zoom higher, ie 2 small red bars (weak selling) in overall uptrend often continues direction of larger trend.

The weakest of the 3 - below 2015 price high. So far holding the close high though. If back under that level 18132 then it would look much more threatening.