Timing model

Check tag for prior versions, or the last post here in mid April. This is just a kind of experiment that I am doing. 

April dates & review
3/30-4/1 Model A&B combination turn (dates listed from early March) resulted in minor stock index trading high via SPY etc, and a pullback GLD low. 

4/8 Model A&B (also listed from March) resulted in 4/7 SPY low and 4/7 TLT high; so decent hit -1 day.

Then we got into a choppy period where A&B did not line up.

4/15-18 Model A; 4/18 near SPY highs but not quite, with 2 days of slightly higher stall before drop
4/22 Model B; basically a miss
4/28-29 Model A&B; possible SPY low, TLT high, GLD high, oil high?, DXY low? We'll see. If SPY needs to be up next week and above its MayP for that 4/28-29 to stick as a turn. 

May (easier than April)
5/9 Model A & B
5/26-27 Model A
5/31 Model B