Timing model

This may be hocus-pocus but check the tag and you'll see perhaps not entirely that. 

Model A 3/1-11 directional move
Model B 3/8 turn
Resulted in 3/1-11 overall up for stock indexes with 3/8 pullback low; 3/11 remains key pullback low in TLT

Model A 3/18-22 high, alerted in post 3/15
Resulted in 3/21-22 stock index close & price highs

Model A 3/31
Model B 4/1, first posted 3/7 (yup check the tag)
Result 4/1 stock index high

Model A&B 4/8 turn (first posted 3/7 per Model B 4/9 Saturday) 
Result 4/7 low -1 from 4/8 date or -2 if you are picky and counting from Saturday

Now we are into choppy period with several dates on both models which doesn't always happen.

Model A 4/15-18
Model B 4/22
Model A 4/28
Model B 4/29 combine for 4/28-29 turn area

OK so I know this sounds like the impossible that a few Nobel Laureates have won prizes disproving but again I'll say the dates for April were posted in early March and so far we have bang on trading high and pullback low -1 trading day. So let's see what happens with the others for the month, and before May starts I'll post those for the entire month in advance too. Next month won't have turn dates every week either.