Safe havens

Not purely but mostly bearish for the safe havens last week. "Bearish safe haven scenario would be TLT rejection from AprR1, GLD rejection of AprP and YR1 again, VIX below AprP with look of rejection." TLT pulled back from AprR1 then recovered, GLD exceeded AprP then dropped back under again, and VIX was the clearest with move below AprP with look of rejection.

TLT still quite strong above all pivots! Pullback from AprR1 and immediate comeback. GLD continues to shuffle around YR1 without being able to launch, but quickly coming back after drops from the level as well. VIX looks very bullish for stocks, and ideally we see a VIX level tag along with stock indexes at resistance for a major top. 

USA indexes more likely to move as a group bullish / bearish. So a rough sort of idea.
Bullish safe havens: TLT above AprR1, GLD back above YR1, VIX up / XIV down but would take a large move for the latter two to break AprPs.

Bearish safe havens: TLT AprR1 rejection, GLD YR1 rejection, VIX continuing lower and XIV up.

TLT W between major support at 1HR1 and resistance at 1HR2 / YR1 combo. TLT D all above its AprP, some resistance at the AprR1 but not much damage and back to the level on Friday. Really TLT is holding up quite well despite strength in USA stocks, a fairly odd situation. 

GLD W just cannot really get moving up from its YR1 level. The close was just under but really too close to call that rejection. GLD D shows another 1 day rejection from YR1 that immediately came back; this has happened several times this year. 

Note YR3 at 2015 VIX high and the YP pokes above and no closes above on the weekly chart. VIX got that correct. But it will be mathematically impossible to see long term support for a VIX low, which makes quarterly and monthly support important to watch. VIX showed caution 4/7-11 but another move down below AprP confirmed rally in stocks.  

Like Russell still under long term levels. Near test of Q2P and then AprP on recent pullback low.