I really like the action on pivots with VIX and related vehicles. One glance at the first chart below and you'll see why. 

VIX W with long term levels only; and yes, weekly closes on the YP this year, last year's low very near 2HS1 and high bang on YR3. 

Here's the daily chart with medium term levels added. You can see VIX below the Q1P and thus below all pivots! It did come near the MarS1 but did not tag. Really VIX did not confirm any short setup yesterday, although did confirm a buy on 2/12 with a poke above the YP and clear rejection the next day. 

There are others: VXN, VXD, RVX. Here skipping to an inverse ETF which can help confirm a trade setup with stock indexes too. This was quite right on the August breakdown, also correct in staying under its YP in Q4, showing weakness of the market; below all pivots to start 2016, low very near YS1 then up from there. 

Lastly the VI futures which have high rollover. High of year bang on YR2, and recent drop under all pivots actually quite bullish for the market. Again not confirming a short setup yesterday, as it would need to lift above pivots.