TLT low near 1HP, jump above YP, tag of 1HR1, up to the high of year on 1HR2 / YR1 combo, now fade back to 1HR1. Got that? Just look at the bars and levels below. 

But on the medium term levels we see a monthly pivot acting as resistance for the first time in a while this month. 

So the recent range this month is long term support at 1HR1 127.87 vs medium term resistance at the MarP 130.84.

GLD started below its 1HP but jumped above later in January, then soared above its YP and very quickly reached its YR1 / 1HR2 combo. Unlike TLT, however, GLD cleared these and now may act as support. 

GLD above Q1R2 and well above its MarP. 

Here's a version with all levels. Better for YR1 and 1HR2 to act as support so that is 117.94 and 118.98 respectively. But if that goes it will still be above its MarP which could also try to hold.