There is no doubt that pivots work on the currencies, but this year has been relatively stuck in range with a few fake-outs. DXY D chart below, and you'll see the YR1 and YR2 was basically the range from May to November with the exception of just a few days that came back; and then when it finally broke out of that the high was bang on a 2HR1 level.

But this year it moved above all pivots in January but didn't reach any resistance; fell under the FebP and that was the only real move of the year, did break YP to be below all pivots but didn't reach any support level; then came back; above all pivots again, then another fail! What to do here? Not sure. Another very good technical strategist, AC Parets of All Star Charts, likes to avoid asset classes with a flat 200 daily moving average and maybe that is the lesson here. 

Or, with really 3 failed moves in DXY this quarter you could just say enough chop and not take any signal until next quarter. 

EURUSD close to being under all pivots again. It has had this status several times this year without a real drop. 

USDJPY was the best currency move this year with clear rejection of all pivots 2/2-3 and down to a low bang on 1HS2 which was also very near YS2 level.

AUDUSD is doing something interesting too, rallying from its MarP at the start of the month, above Q1P on 3/2 then above 1HP on 3/3 and now testing its YP! AUDUSD has been completely below its YP on a weekly close basis from May 2013! This would be a massive status change to clear that level. This move maybe helped by the gold rally. 

BTCUSD held YP as the low of the year several times, and the high of the year very near FebR1. Now back above 3 levels, and below only the monthly.