There have been fantastic moves in every other asset class but currencies have been chopping around (I don't follow soft commodities). One of the the worst parts of any trading strategy is chop. It is rare but can happen with pivots and stock indexes too; if a level that usually works just doesn't for 3 tries in a row call it day and come back in next quarter. 

That said there were some levels on the 3/17-18 turn.

DXY W dropped below both long term pivots but rebounding before reaching a long term support level. 

There's the rebound from Q1S1 so at least there was a level on the turn. 

All levels; reclaiming YP would be bullish, but hesitant to take any currency trades with so many moves failing with much better movement in other asset classes.

EUR W chart also looked like rally on but dropping back to test the YP.

No level reached on the recent high before a fade qualifies as chop.

USDJPY W, now that is a nice turn bang on YS2!

Time limits currency check to once a week, but that was a decent spec buy setup as of 3/21, with clear hold of YS2 and lift from 1HS2.

AUDUSD W, did not quite reach 1HR1.

At least rally reached Q1R2 so cannot complain too much. Better entry above 3 pivots on 3/3 chance for gain.

GBPUSD maybe returning to status of "below all pivots."