Now that the circus is over let's take a look. For these charts I am going to post daily chart pivots only (Y 1H Q1 and month, but no S/R) and we can arrive at some simple conclusions.

DXY has been chopping with several failed moves (by failed I mean above/below all pivots and not reaching a real resistance or support area). This is the worst that can happen with this method - chop. Is this finally the move for real? This will be the 3rd time below all pivots. After the second time, the recovery was very weak. Maybe so.

EUR looks like DXY in reverse, also the 3rd time above all pivots for the charm?

Everyone pointing to USDJPY & SPX etc correlations have suddenly gone quiet. 

AUDUSD above YP and so all pivots for the 2nd time. Maybe definitive given gold. RSI not ideal but not much to risk for long term buy and hold idea if you have some sideline cash.