USA main indexes

First from last week's post in the sum section: "If indexes jump further above long term pivots then semi-bear is over and bull market back! We could see a rejection, which of course keeps bear market idea alive. But given the strength of last week's up bars, some pause seems likely. [...] Right now you could say indexes confidently approaching major long term pivots and that is bullish - it looks a lot stronger than creeping up with weak advance especially on lower volume."

And then in the INDU comments: "What a huge decision for the market here perfectly illustrated on INDU! Note all the big turns on levels, 2014 low of year, 2014 higher lows, 2015 all big lows, etc. If bear market for real this should be stiff resistance; if this clears on a weekly close that would be big sign back to bullish! Both DIA and YM like the SPY / ES are just above 1HP & YP but below Q1P and MarR1."

DIA and YM held their YP for 5 straight trading days before the big leap on Friday. 

More significant pivot status changes. As of the close of last week on 3/4: INDU / DIA / YM above 3 pivots but below Q1P; by the end of the week YP had acted as support for 5 days on DIA and YM and all 3 cleared the Q1P to regain status of "above all pivots." SPX cleared fractionally on Friday, so 2014-16 gets you the Q1P, 1HP and YP so a big tell going forward if that holds. Similarly, SPY and ES also jumped above all pivots on Friday from being below 3 levels on 3/8. NDX testing its YP 4373 another key level to watch; then better if VTI holds its 1HP / YP combo at 102.50 - 102.73 and clears its Q1P at 103.41 as well. 

RTY while healthy gains from the low, still a ways to clear pivots; NYA a bit closer but basically in similar condition.  

Due to all the Q1Ps in play I am going to follow the same format as last week. Weekly charts for cash indexes showing long term levels only, then daily charts on the ETFs and futures.

SPX trading through the YP / 1HP and back above all pivots! This is a big deal as it opens the door to 2162-63. That said, the pivot level does not yet have the "look" of support. When we see that, then we can really think about that higher target level. If playing the bull side obviously you'd want to see SPX remaining above 2014-15 in the coming week. 
SPY does have 1 day lift-off from the YP and above the Q1P, bullish.
ES after 3 days of healthy pause, 1 day selling, 2 days pause, broke out to upside and now above all pivots!

NDX back to YP 4373 so that's a level to watch this week, COMPQ a bit below. Hard to know what to do with that QQQ YP as there is such a discrepancy between that and the cash index & futures levels (due to 8/24/15 spike low). If long against that then watch the others. NQ also still heading into resistance at 4129.

Clear pivot leaders with INDU having the most "look of support" on the weekly, and both DIA and YM holding YP for 5 days (!) before the launch. If INDU stays above this pivot support area YP / Q1P 17048 & 17138 then we can start to think about 1HR1 / YR1 targets at 18584 & 18727 respectively, or 8%+ from here. 

These have had a tremendous rally from the YS2 low, showing real buying in the market. Back above YS1 / 1HS1 was a tell last week, and now that needs to hold as support. That said, still a far cry from regaining Q1P, 1HP or YP pivots. 

NYA clear lift from YS1 / 1HS1 support the last 3-4 weeks, but still heading into 1HP & YP pivots. VTI pivots are at different levels, again likely due to 8/24/2015 spike, although VTI may not be exactly benchmarked to NYA, they are both very broad composites. 1 day above 1HP and YP, still heading into Q1P.