Weekly report if time permits on the major crosses. On all charts, I am showing yearly and half-year pivots (long term) on weekly chart and then daily charts with quarterly and monthly (medium term). 

DXY reclaimed YP & HP, bullish. 

Testing QP here, to watch. Back above would be bullish and possible long (above 3 / 4 pivots, and 4th expires end of month) but rejection puts it back into congestion, no trade. 

Similarly, EURUSD breaking back under YP and HP, bearish if maintains. 

But sitting right on the QP here so no position edge until we see reaction from that. 

USDJPY got smashed from the YP, broke the YS1/ 1HS1 combo, and back to 1HS2 / YS2 area. So major support 110-111.

You can see the QP 1 day recovery and subsequent rejection, back under all pivots as of 2/3. Down to Q1S3 here.

AUDUSD not moving that much, but below YP & HP.

QP rejection in larger downtrend usually good setup as short. 

GBPUSD has been in the news recently. From Pivots it has been clearly weaker since Q4 2015 under YP and HP despite trying a few times to reclaim. 

2/16 would have worked as a short, back under all pivots with clear break of FebP. 

Lastly BTCUSD. I was hoping for real run with lift above major pivots first time above both since 2013!

The high was FebR1, but let's see what happens.