From my first Elliott wave post in March 2016, I have been pointing to ideal SPX top 2250-2500 Q2 2017 to Q2 2018. 

I recently expanded the idea to list price and time targets across USA main indexes in a Larger View post here. 

Amazingly all 61% price targets have been met so my conclusion is - higher! 

I first posted a weekly chart dividing into a similar 5 wave pattern back in June:

And refined recently as this (as a stronger way this could play out).

Updated chart here. Lines are very approximate. It is the overall pattern that interests me. 

Anyway, current E-wave status is:

Monthly chart W5

Weekly chart w3 subdivision of W3, meaning this is the best portion of the move because this can run a while; then we see w3 end, w4, w5 all to complete W3; a larger weekly W4 that matches W2 drop, then a final W5 that will complete the monthly pattern.

Daily chart made a complete W5 up and very time extended ABC down into 11/4 low, not is in process of another 5 wave up pattern. One can debate daily chart count (there are always other counts, which is why I don't do Ewave too much) but I don't think we have see a real 4 yet.