I was looking for a bounce from SPX and RUT MPs and got it, but have to say charts are not all great and bulls should pay attention.

SPX HR1 resistance
DJI HR1 resistance
NYA could not reclaim MP (so 2 of 5 USA mains remain below MPs)

However, VXX did close fractionally below MP and that is a point for the bulls.

Bottom line - I would like to see more of a bounce from this MP test on SPX and RUT. But as NDX has already broken its MP, perhaps it will test MS1. This is not a huge move in the scheme of things. Of more concern is the possible bearish move from multiple USA mains on long term resistance. This is only happening on NDX right now, but if others join in then that will be a problem.

SPX and DJI below.

10 1 SPX D.png