SPX 2830 target from 7/8

OK, this wasn't a huge move. But I was confident it would happen and it did. All comments from 7/5-7/8 were loaded with long ideas. As it turned out SPX exceeded the target by 2 days since then the 2830 has returned as resistance. 

7/8/2018 Total market view: "But right now I have to be pretty bullish here and simply thinking the since SPX just held major support it is likely heading to major resistance, and that level is 2830. If that happens then leaders can make new highs so that means IWM above YR2, and QQQ could potentially see QR1 HR1 YR2 cluster 181-184."

Result SPX high 2848, QQQ high 182.93, but IWM did not see above YR2.