October 2018 drop predicted in advance

These calls were all timestamped on Twitter.

Larger cycle weakness from 10/10+ as called 9/23/2018
“Timing model Oct turn dates:
10/5 - risk on
10/13 - risk off

In addition, larger cycle weakness after 10/10-11 into end Oct or early Nov.”

Next -5% down move called on day of DJI high 10/3/2018
”Despite resiliency of main indexes $DJI $NDX and calmness of $VIX, my timing work says market has about 1 more week before a major risk off event likely for the rest of October. I won't press until everything lines up but just want to be clear on my view. Next 5% move is down.

D200MA breakdown call repeated 10/22/2018
"Despite RSI divergences and VIX suggesting stock bounce keeping to timing call of breakdown 10/19-26. SPX has complied but so far NDX and DJI have not - maybe in globex tho. Seeing a lot of people thinking to buy dip - market is in punish mode. Patience key.”

Then spotted the low chance on 10/29
”Probably I shd be more bearish but timing work says 76% Fibs maybe important. Still open to low idea. Also ES 30 min YP hold 2x.”