Caught nearly the entire bond bounce of 2018

Sometimes I don't know why I am not a full time bond trader as my long term take on this asset class has been remarkable.

Quickly (not going to dig up links for these but if you are curious please search through my site) -

Nailed the top in 2016, one shot
Very vocally bearish in 2016 Q4
Very vocally bearish in 2018 Q1

5/20/2018 Bond bounce
7/7/2018 Bonds down and XLF up

Regarding the recent calls, 5/20 post for bond bounce was the first strongly positive comment about bonds all year - turned out written one day off the low. Then on 7/7 was clearly bearish just just after a key high 7/6.

PS: XLF has done great since that post too. 

Same 7/7 post: "TLT should drop back down. This will alleviate yield curve concern and XLF will get a bounce."