Bullish comments from 5/3/2018

5/3/2018 Daily comment: "As you can see there are now more +s than -s after this move got started on Monday with 5 clear negatives on the USA mains. The door is open for the bulls to rally back - we'll see what happens."

5/4/2018 Daily comment: "Bulls will want to see SPY join QQQ and IWM above its QP next week, but let's be clear - huge bull win on Friday."

5/6/2018 Total market view: "After massive hold of D200MA, bulls have the ball. I think there is decent chance for a move back to the higher end of recent ranges meaning MayR1 or maybe higher on the leaders."

5/6/2018 Total market view: "SMH back above MP with big hold of D200MA could be worth playing for rally to QP." Note: SMH straight up this week, up ~5% in 4 trading days. 

5/7/2018 Daily comment: "Follow through from Friday's move is positive, but the bulls did not get everything today as the move stopped cold on the SPY QP. That said the move does not look like rejection, other indexes are not on levels, and VIX / VXX not signalling trouble. So at this point I think there is a decent chance that SPY pushes through its QP."

5/8/2018 Daily comment: "SPY stuck under QP. Other than IWM, USA indexes had weak advances. Often such moves are a prelude to selling. But as long as DIA above MP, NYA above HP, VIX below YR1 and VXX not threatening, I give the bulls the benefit of the doubt."

5/9/2018 Daily comment: "Major win for the bulls today with SPY joining QQQ and IWM above all pivots. Only IWM is on a resistance level which means the market should go higher for the next top of significance. In addition, VIX and VXX confirming the move in stocks."