About my timing project...

With no indication of direction, August turn dates were posted 7/23/2017.


And here's how it played out on SPY.

8/2 - mild pullback low
8/8 - high for the month
8/11 - near low made on 8/10 (and ES futures low 8/11)
8/16 - bounce high
8/21 - low of month
8/25 - mild high
8/30 - non event

So if you are willing to think that I wouldn't possibly make this sort of thing up, and know that I was a strategist at a fund that was one of the top in the world in 2013 achieving 110% gain before it closed down, perhaps you would be willing to accept my statements that:

Direction is sometimes possible, but takes a lot more time to track and research.

This system is an extremely complex and nuanced, involving layers of data and judgment; it is not algorithmic and not programmable (at least to my satisfaction), and hence out of fashion. 

Timing work has been quietly in the background on some big calls like the 2016 bond turn, 2017 VIX low/XIV high, etc. 

I believe this post and others have proven that I've got something going on in this regard, and should an open minded fund be interested in this very unique strategy, please contact me.