RSX & EWZ long ideas from 2/13

In the weekly strategy sum, I noted that RSX and EWZ were the closer to regaining the Feb Pivots compared to USA indexes, and if any further gains in oil, RSX "will pop" and EWZ "could be squeezy."

From Weekly strategy sum written on 2/13:

"3. Interesting vehicles to watch are anything that is poking above a monthly pivot. This is far from the case in any USA main or supplemental index, although if oil continues XLE will have the first shot. In world indexes, RSX will also pop on the oil trade and is just barely below its FebP as of 2/13 close, and selling in EWZ seems to have dried up with a much higher low forming and EWZ above its FebP on 2/13 close. That is probably more currency effect and DXY weakness, but could be squeezy."

Here are pivots only charts (without S or R levels) for clarity. RSX +4% today and EWZ +5%. XLE is just recovering its pivot today, so actually RSX and EWZ beat out on the buys. I also added EEM as speculative buy for the same reason yesterday.