Global emerging

2018 leaders RSX and EWZ above all pivots but both testing YR1s to watch. KWEB also recovering status of above all pivots after FebP rejection towards the end of the month. 

While 2018 great for emerging markets especially China and India, signs of trouble with SHComp below all pivots (fractionally but still). FXI well under MarP but still holding QP; EEM also MarP resistance so far. Vanguard version VWO (not shown) 2 rejections from YR1 like many other indexes. INDA massive gains in '17 but now under MarP, QP and HP. 

Q: Quiet recovery from 2016 low, high on current bar. 
D: Under all pivots. 

D: Holding QP, below MarP. 

D: Better and still above all pivots (hard to see but 62.05)

D: MarP resistance. 

D: Below MarP, QP, HP. Indian indexes relatively better, so think a currency issue. 

D: Testing YR1 area again. Above that QR2 and so far high of year on QR3. 
D pivot only view: MP hold and rising D50MA. If looking for buys this is what we want to see. Pay attn to YR1 above and see if any follow through. MACD is positive, RSI not overbought. 

3 43 RSX D.png

D: Testing YR1. 
D: Above all pivots. 

3 45 EWZ D.png

D: Below MarP, holding QP.