USA main indexes

USA main index leader NDX/QQQ recovered above all pivots convincingly on Friday. This shifts the market to a more bullish posture and re-test of highs on NDX seems likely. But we see breadth thinning out as IWM and NYA were barely higher on the week. MarPs in play from Wednesday will be a key tell; at current levels more USA main indexes will join NDX above all pivots, and then we'll see what happens with the lagging IWM and NYA.

SPX M: Massive rebound from first touch of 10MA since 11/2016. But expecting resistance at upper BB, now 2812, likely higher as March bar opens.
SPX W: HR2 top to YP low; now what? 
SPY D: 5 days stall on QR1, Friday finally cleared. 
Sum: Strong rebound continues and Friday's rally cleared some bearish concerns. Thinking that upper Bollinger bands on monthly and weekly chart likely resistance if tagged. 

24 3 SPX W.png
24 5 SPY D.png

NDX M: Massive rally from 10MA.
NDX W: Within reach of testing YR1 again.
QQQ D: Though FebP orange dots resistance for 4 days, holding HR1 as support also a tell. Back above all pivots on Friday and YR1 easily within reach.

24 7 NDX W.png

INDU W: YR1 high, HP low. 
DIA: Between levels. 

24 10 DIA D.png

RUT W: YR1 high to near YP low. Small advance for the week makes this more vulnerable. 
IWM D: Few days of struggle near the 2017 close level; more bullish to be in positive territory.

NYA W: About even from last week.
NYA D: Between levels; MarP on this will be a key tell.