I would be happy to apply The Pivotal Perspective to stocks if time permitted as it works quite well on individual names too. As hours are limited, I have kept to indexes and major asset class ETFs. But let's take a look at FAANG with standard weekly, weekly pivots and daily pivots below.

AMZN and NFLX are pulling back after tagging yearly levels (YR2 and YR3 respecitively). AAPL is testing YR3 from above that is likely decides the next move for tech. 

W: Could cool off after blow-off but very strong long term trend with no divergences. 
W: Holding above 2HR1, bullish - could reach YR3 above near 180.
D: High near Q3R3 but still above Q3R2 and AugP. 
Still strong. 

6 2 FB W.png

W: Double top with RSI divergence.
W: At YR3, watch 155.74.
D: Holding above YR3, level to watch. 

6 4 AAPL W.png

W: First break of W10MA in all year; if lower W20 test likely.
W: YR2 & 2HR2 rejection.
D: Clear YR2 rejection and so far under AugP. Buyers likely at Q3P near 960.

6 9 AMZN D.png

W: Fading a bit after blow-off but incredibly long term trend. 
W: This makes the move more threatening with YR3 top. 
D: Cluster resistance at the top - YR3, 2HR2 and Q3R3. Still above AugP.

6 10 NFLX W.png
6 11 NFLX W.png
6 12 NFLX D.png

W: Already testing W20MA for 2nd time. 
W: Testing YR2 as support.
D: Under AugP but lots of support at YR3, Q3P and 2HP below.

6 13 GOOGL W.png
6 14 GOOGL W.png
6 15 GOOGL D.png