USA main indexes

Current leaders DIA and QQQ above all pivots. But SPY and VTI below AugPs with clear resistance on those levels the last few days. IWM led down as expected and recently bounced from the 2HS1 / Q3S1 combo. 

Levels to watch this week are QQQ AugP, SPY & VTI AugPs. It is certainly possible that SPY rallies and joins DIA and QQQ above all pivots. That said, several declines in early stages have involved a monthly pivot starting to act as resistance. This happened with SPY in April 2017 and September/October 2016; and in more threatening examples, December 2015 and August 2015. 

SPX W: Near tag of 2HR1 at highs; still above YR1 support and if lower then 2HP could be in play.
SPY D: AugP resistance 3 days in a row.
ES U: AugP, falling D20 and flat D50 resistance. MACD not returning to positive on the bounce.
ES 1: About same.
SPX sum: Consolidating gains after big run. Recent low on AugS1 and D100MA exact, bounce, but now AugP and D20 & D50 resistance. AugP acting as resistance can be part of a larger decline, like April 2017. 

26 4 SPY D.png
26 5 ESU D.png

NDX W: Near to 2HR1 at highs; above YR2. 
QQQ D: Still above AugP; 2 slight breaks this month.
NQU: Falling D20 resistance.
NQ1: About same:
NDX sum: Consolidating gains after amazing run up. Still above AugP and D50MA. 

26 8 QQQ D.png
26 9 NQU D.png
26 10 NQ1 D.png

W: High slightly above 2HR1 but now below.
D: Q3R2 near tag, and 2HR1 selling. Still above AugP.

26 11 INDU W.png

W: Isn't that nifty - high on 2HR1, low on 2HS1
D: Q3S1 also involved in low.
D: D200MA break, but rising could recover. 

26 14 IWM D.png
26 15 IWM D.png

NYA W: 2HR1 high, and now below YR1. Key level to watch>
NYA D: YR1 in red arrow, and AugP also there.
VTI W: YR1 not acting as definitively as early 2016 YS1 low or second half 2016 YR1 high.
VTI D: AugP resistance.