Safe havens

Safe havens confirmed risk on move with VIX back under all pivots 4/24, XIV above all pivots 4/24; then TLT, AGG, and GLD fade from April highs and these three below MayPs. If stocks higher and safe havens lower next week, then watching TLT & AGG Q2P and GLD 1HP & Q2P. 

Weekly chart at decade lows. No concern over election here so smart money really thinks it is done deal.
Daily chart at Q2S1, but I think we will see VIX divergence before a top that matters (ie, higher highs in price without lower lows in VIX).
Maybe that 1HS2 is doable on a tag to 8.98.
VIX sum - testing Q2S1 but supportive for risk below all pviots and MAs.

6 30 VIX W.png
6 31 VIX D.png
6 32 VIX D.png

Weekly chart doing great above YR2. RSI near 70 though. 
Daily chart back above all pivots on 4/24.
Nearly AprR1 already, but I'm thinking high on AprR1 or maybe 1HR3 near 83.
XIV sum - confirmed risk on 4/24+. Watching for top near AprR1 or if higher 1HR3 is 83. 

6 33 XIV W.png
6 34 XIV D.png
6 35 XIV D.png
6 36 XIV D.png

Weekly chart near test of YP and lower. 
Long term trend down, medium term trend mixed - above Q2P, below MayP.
Trying to hold D50, but D20 clear resistance since 4/25. 
Other chart shows lower BB also near Q2P possible support.
TLT sum - Below YP, 1HP, and MayP; but still above Q2P. Could be interesting test for market if that holds as stocks top on SPY YR1 / QQQ YR2. 

6 40 TLT W.png
6 41 TLT D.png
6 42 TLT D.png

1 day above YP and rejection. Like TLT, still above Q2P and D50MA. 

Back testing 1HP. Generally not a fan of patterns but that does look like huge head and shoulders top. This would imply smash of gold on the way.
Under MayP from 5/1 and down from there; also whacked from still falling D200MA. Test of Q2P & 1HP likely coming up. 

6 46 GLD W.png
6 48 GLD D.png
6 49 GLD D.png

Under all pivots. 

6 50 GDX D.png