Double top?

SPX cash chart here with red line on 3/1 close high of 2395.96 (price high was 2400.98). This is a smart money double top even though the actual price didn't reach the top tick on 3/1. 

Now adding long term pivots, 1HR1 near tag and YR1 just above. 

28 2 SPX D.png

Now adding medium term levels, though AprR1 is in play only one more trading day. Price will likely open above the MayP. 

28 4 SPX D.png

So there is price resistance at the close and price highs of 2396-2400, significant pivot resistance from 2400-2407, and last 18x forward P/E valuation resistance also 2398. But the index will likely start May above all pivots. The judgment here is whether the index gets through this resistance area. More this weekend on the blog.