USA main indexes

SPY, DIA and 2017 leader QQQ remain above all pivots. IWM 2nd break of MarP and fast trip down to MarS1, NYA/VTI slightly under MarPs. 3 of 5 above all pivots and 1 still testing. Not terrible. 

In addition, the run above the daily 10 & 20MAs for QQQ, SPY, DIA came to an end. But these same indexes are dropping on to nicely rising D50MAs which may help a bounce. 

Some bounce attempt likely from MarPs and D50MAs. But if weak or doesn't happen, watch out for quick flush lower.

Cash index weekly charts with long term levels only
Daily ETF chart with long term & medium term pivots
Futures current contract pivots only (no S/R) and MAs for clarity of entries (now June 17 M)
Futures "1" continuous contract with the works

SPX clearly reacting down from YR1 / 1HR1 area as expected.
Daily chart view shows drop to MarP which is holding so far.
On current M contract futures, above all pivots and rising D50 is usually a good buy; only things to not like are MACD negative and 2 weak up bars.
ES1 first tag of lower BB and near tag of D50 is months.
SPX set sum - pausing at major resistance cluster as expected, and after near high test fast drop down to MarP. Rising D50 will probably help a bounce attempt. 

NDX above 1HR2, still bullish. 
QQQ chatter above reversal bar, and OK selling from MarR1 but after 1 day reclaimed 1HR2 / Q1R3 as support.
NQ chart last touch of monthly pivot 12/7; first break of D20 though. 
NQ1 entirely inside daily BB, so stronger than SPY on that basis (among others).
NDX sum - Holding up quite well, and relatively stronger than SPY. Still above all pivots, first D20 break since 12/30. 

INDU didn't quite reach YR1 area, and now trying to hold 1HR1 as support.
DIA high on MarR1 and low on MarP. 
Futures chart has pivot and rising line as buy area.
YM1 chart also looks like better low than 3/22 with close inside the BB. 
INDU sum - Like SPY, high on MarR1 and drop down to MarP. Rising D50 also may help bounce. 

Nothing happening for RUT this year.
IWM high on MarR1, down to MarS1; recovery attempt back above all pivots for 4 days, but failed.
RUT sum - The obvious lagger for 2017, and more likely to be under Q2P.

NYA / VTI (these are different but view them combined as "1" of 5 USA main indexes)
Neither reached long term resistance.
Both dropped from MarR1s tagged on 3/1 down to MarPs or slightly below.