USA main indexes

Last week, SPX/SPY dropped from its YR2 as NDX/QQQ continued lower from its Q4R1 top to fall under its 2HR1. Then on Friday, indexes came back powerfully - NDX cleared both levels, and SPX raced back to resistance. Current leader Dow has slowed a bit but already paved the way by clearing YR2, then Q4R2.

Given the move back up, I must conclude that the market has decent chance of going higher but still worth watching SPX/SPY resistance cluster 2576-82 and 258.00-259.75. Another big level that could come into play soon is RUT/IWM YR1.

SPX W: Ordinarily I'd say small up bar outside the BB invites selling, but there have been 2 others like that in the run from August lows. RSI very powerful.
SPX W: In resistance area YR2 2576 / 2HR2 2582.
SPY D: At YR2 / 2HR2 combo, with Q4R2 slightly above those as well. Cluster 258.02-259.75.
ES Z: Above all pivots from 8/30, with rising 10 & 20MA holding as support.
ES 1: At YR2 / 2HR2 combo.
SPX sum: Amazing run; testing resistance area YR2 / 2HR2 2576-2582. First reaction down from 10/23-25 came very powerfully to again test level; decent chance of getting through.

28 1 SPX W.png
28 4 ESZ D.png
28 5 ES1 D.png

NDX W: RSI reaching overbought like the others.
NDX W: Launch above 2HR1, bullish.
QQQ D: Launch above Q4R1, bullish.
NDX: NDX had looked like a decent top with selling from Q4R1 that then broke 2HR1; Friday's powerful rally came back to clear both of those levels. Bullish. 

INDU W: Already powered above YR2.
DIA D: Buying slowing but above all resistance levels (OctR3, Q4R2, YR2) with next quite a ways up.
INDU sum: Slowing but maintaining gains after strong move up above YR2 and then cleared Q4R2 without any trouble; currently above OctR3.

28 10 DIA D.png

W: Stuck under YR1 for 4 weeks. 
D: Above 2HR2; room to test YR1.

NYA W: Above 2HR2 is bullish.
NYA D: 3 days above Q4R1 then fall back below. 
VTI W: Near 2HR2.
VTI D: Lifting above Q4R1. 

28 14 NYA D.png
28 15 VTI W.png