Safe havens

Safe havens are very constructive for risk assets. TLT tried to bounce and quickly back to JanP; GLD recovered YP and Q1P for a handful of days and failed, back under all except monthly pivot; VIX below all pivots and not on level, XIV soaring above YR1 without any pause at all. 

VIX hasn't reached 9s since 2/2007 and even that is a lesson because as we know the price high was 10/2007. Still, if other safe havens are collapsing I won't say VIX 9s is an immediate stock sell. If VIX reaches 9s and other safe havens are improving, that would point to taking more stock gains. 

Weekly not near any long term levels yet.
Daily high on JanR1, low on JanP. 

Rejection of 1HP, and back under YP.
Also under Q1P. 

Above YP and Q1P, high on 1HP. 

Testing lows of the decade. One more plunge day would take VIX into the 9s, not seen since mid 2000s. 

Wow, rocket from YP election low (11/3-4) to above YR1!