This hasn't been my best quarter. I came into 2017 opting to hold most positions from Q4 where if I had sold everything on levels mid December then took every new buy signal (think tech & global stocks) results would have been much better. Oh well.

Coming into the week
2 IWM, 2 DIA (both from near election)
1 XLF, 1 QQQ (pre & post election)
2 SPY from 1/3
1 SMH from 1/18
9 longs, 90% long, no shorts

1/23 -1 IWM, 2nd day below JanP (sigh)
1/23 +1 RSX at least that worked
1/24 + 1 IWM
1/25 + 1 XLF
11 longs or 110%

Decisions will be to hold or take gains. At this point, IWM and XLF continue to look 'heavy' compared to others. DIA is also a candidate to take gains on a level. 


Positioning limits
15 or 150% long, -50% shorts or hedges, 200% max total exposure. 

Currency / commodity positions are not included in this system.