USA main indexes

Prior week: "Last week: All USA indexes opened above all pivots. Tech set reached Q1R1; SPX and both NYA & VTI reached JanR1s." 

Last week: All USA mains above all pivots. SPX and VTI near JanR1 tags for the high of the month; RUT holding JanP.

All USA main indexes above all pivots is bullish. Also bullish for Tech set to be leading and currently above Q1R1. 2016 Q4 winner IWM has lagged in 2017 thus far, but holding JanP on 4 tests. Yet SPY, DIA and VTI trouble to go higher, and it is easy to imagine a test of DIA JanP. 

Cash index weekly charts with long term levels only
Daily ETF chart with long term & medium term pivots
Futures current contract pivots only (no S/R) and MAs for clarity of entries (now March 17 H)
Futures "1" continuous contract with the works

SPX W: No change to big picture or targets, but small up bar with lower close invites selling.
SPY D: Above all pivots since 11/9; the last trading day with close below a monthly pivot was 11/7.
ES H D: Looks bit stronger due to more recent high and above 10 and 20MAs.
ES 1 D: High of the month remains JanR1 near tag (reached on SPX.
SPX set sum: Strong above all pivots and all MAs. But 3rd month into rally and having more trouble going up. 

NDX W: Looking great, and 1HR1 already within range
QQQ D: Maintaining above Q1R1 and above JanR1, relative leader among USA mains in 2017.
NQ H D: Powering up and soon RSI reaching overbought
NQ 1 D: Testing Q1R1.
NDX set: 2017 current USA main index leader, above Q1R1 and all above rising MAs.  

INDU W: Small red bar invites buying (opposite of SPX). 4 weeks of sideways.
DIA D: Bullish working off of very overbought so far - but could easily test JanP.
YM H D: A shade under MAs, and note RSI divergences from Dec to Jan highs. 
YM 1 D: Not even close to JanR1. 
INDU set: Sideways after big run up can be bullish or bearish depending on point of view. So far between JanP and JanR1 without a test of either. 

RUT W: Small up bar invites selling.
IWM D: Has held JanP 4 trading days thus far.
RJ H D: Back above all pivots and MAs, and RSI down to uptrend buy area near 50.
RJ 1 D: Lower daily BB also near JanP, and rising D50 also support. 
RUT set sum: Maintaining gains and holding JanP through 4 tests. 

NYA W: Small up bar invites selling.
NYA D: High of month very near JanR1 tag.
VTI D: Above all pivots and MAs.
VTI D: Also high of month near JanR1 tag. 
Broad index sum: Above all pivots and MAs, yet having trouble to go higher.