E-wave bullish version

No change to what I've been saying the last several months: SPX 2250-2500 2017 Q2 to 2018 Q2. Check tag for prior versions and details. Here is the basic idea.

So monthly SPX W5 at which point we will see ABC down ie bear market. W5 could / should have a ways to go yet, according to the bullish version. Now going to the weekly chart, we are in a W3 like this. If bullish version playing out, then W3 should be longest and strongest wave. Something like this.

According to this version, we won't see much of a pullback and markets will continue to surprise to upside. In fact, the move up from 6/27 low could even be considered a w1 subdivision of W3, with much more to go. This conflicts somewhat with my pivot view - upside limited at key target levels - but let's see what happens at these levels. Now within the weekly moves, daily chart patterns will also appear. I think this is the best fit, ie, W4 done on 8/26 low and W5 in process. Like this, with W1, W3 and W5 up portions in green and W2 & W4 down portions in red. 

What do you know, W2 drop matched W4 drop almost exactly!

The classic target zone for W5 is 61-100% of W1, which is 2230-2275. This is admittedly much higher than I've been expecting, although the 38% failure level at 2205 is right in my target area of Q3R2 & 2HR1 2199-2209 respectively.