Best performing hedge funds vs TPP

According to ValueWalk, the best fund of 2016 is up 16.75%, with still the top 20 in the world only up 6%+! Frankly I am flabbergasted at these performance numbers, because there have been so many great moves in so many markets a skilled fund really should be up 10+% this year. That means a vast majority of funds are really quite terrible in the trading department, so in which case, why bother?

Needless to say, if you have been following recommendations on this site, even despite today, you would be on this top performing list and without any leverage! With leverage like the funds use, top of the list! Yes really, go back to 1/4/2016 and do the math on the recs! Just consider, short USA stocks first week of January and good cover, long bonds 1/6, then adding, long gold late January, then adding, long Dow and oil 2/12, long other emerging markets the next week, adding longs late February and early March... OK then! There have been a few quick 1 day outs, a couple of shuffles, and today was not pretty but I guarantee larger moves add up to more than 6% gain this year! 

I've been involved in a small world beating team before. I cannot take full credit since I was not the trader, but a small hedge fund that I worked with as a strategist for 3 years was top 3 in the world with about 110% gain in 2013. So I know what it takes to outperform - getting the leaders in size with leverage and holding the best trends. This is why my focus is buying leaders above all pivots first and shorting the laggers down below all pivots first, and holding winners relentlessly. Knowing when to hedge helps, but you have to know when to really change gears too. When those great trends end, it is time to leave. That judgment is the toughest part. Pivots help a lot. 

Anyway, today it seems like companies want certain certifications and certain methods - despite the fact that those certifications just mean crowded trades and methods that continue to under-perform the market.

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