There is a method to this... checking GLD and GDX after currency review. 

If you search the tags on gold you'll see TPP all over this move from mid January with the move above the 1HP on GLD, and further recommended adding units above the YP. But since then it has been choppy and I have been fooled by move above and below the YR1 / 1HR1 level. Ie, take profits on gains, add back, take again. The last weekly post recommended a position reduction if we saw selling from YR1 (ie inability to maintain gains on 3/29) which we did. 

The last weekly bar on GLD suggests drop to me, ie, small blue bar under major resistance. But reclaiming the YR1 would be bullish. Really we only see 1 buying (ie up) bar above that level otherwise red. If you bought down 1/25 week that is still an OK long term hold, but the buys the next week are the question here. 

GLD D as of yesterday looked like it may try again to clear YR1 but today dropping back down again. This will be the first month since December that GLD is below its monthly pivot. I think more likely move is down to Q2P first near 114. 

GDX also just under YR1 / 1HR1 combo.

But doing better on its AprP so far. These are obviously correlated but they don't have to move together all the time. Last year there was a big drop in GDX while GLD barely moved. Still, due to volatility of GDX, it is better to have GLD on your side for direction.