These were quite obviously weaker compared to the USA this year. This isn't just a hindsight point, as I have been saying it all March

NKY in fact did break YS1 fractionally on 3/31 before the big plunge the next day. But unless you are an institution it is unlikely that you are trading NKY directly, unless you swing / position trade via futures. Anyway, this idea worked whether you shorted the break on 3/31 close or even if you entered EWJ short on 4/1 below all pivots, it is still a nice move today and helping limit the damage on the drop.

DAX also breaking under all pivots today, although EWG is just on its Q2P now. Tough call. DAX 'should be' the underlying but EWG is the vehicle with currency factored in.

If the last portfolio moves were 2 units short EWJ, 2 long TLT both 4/1 1-2 oil short 4/4, then portfolio is mostly all in with the other DIA, SOXX, remaining GLD/GDX, small EEM, possibly small QQQ longs. This is a case for margin too, allowing for 20 units (roughly how I am imagining things) with margin chance up to 25 for hedging or max long if everything was bullish (which it isn't). Point is you can consider DAX / EWG as short but Japan beat it to punch. If EWG breaks under its Q2P then there is really no debate, it can be added as a short. 

NKY W looks pretty bad with failure of YS1 level. Opens door to re-test of lows or YS2. 

Although NKY also fractionally broke YS1 twice in March, the headache free setup was shorting when it was also below the new Q2P and AprP.

Here's is EWJ, OK not perfect entry right at highs but worst case should be scratch trade at this point. Entry 4/1 or even 4/2 plenty of time below all pivots. Ideal move down to Q2S1 / 1HS2 near the lows. 

DAX also relatively weak bounce compared to USA indexes.

Note, does not include 4/5 data; broke under all pivots today.

Here is EWG trying to hold the Q2P. I think if already in the recent shorts might as well wait for clear move below the pivot.