Emerging markets

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SHC (Shanghai) big picture weak, but no Q2 or AprPs yet.
FXI weak and short candidate but testing AprP today, so trigger valid below that level.
EEM possible 1HP rejection would be negative, but above AprP and Q2P.
PIN not doing much this year; also above both AprP and Q2P.
RSX holding up well despite YP rejection; above 1HP and currently testing AprP, above Q2P.
EWZ similar holding gains despite YP rejection, above 1HP and well above AprP and Q2P. 

Bottom line triggers in this method are pivot changes of status. We want to be long what is above pivots and avoid or short what is below. If long EEM and 1HP rejection, then use AprP as deciding factor; also can reduce or hedge with FXI to lessen long exposure.

In some weekly strategy reports and oil I suggested taking some profits because oil hadn't cleared a quarterly pivot, but have some runner units since likely to be above the Q2P. So far that is playing out. Similar logic with any RSX / EWZ positions. 

In this set FXI still looking like best short of the bunch. RSX and EWZ are doing the best, and of course highly contingent on oil. 

* * *

SHC W chart limited bounce. For some reason for 4/1 not appearing on tradingview.com yet, so no Q2P or AprPs yet. 

FXI weak bounce too.

FXI D testing its AprP here with Q2P lower at the orange cross. Still looks like FXI can be used as a hedge if holding EEM positions, and if FXI breaks under AprP that gets you below 3/4 pivots. 

EEM W, whoa. That is just not what you want to see if long, a try and fail above the 1HP. To my view a blue bar close would look even worse than a smaller red bar. 

The AprP is just below current price, and the Q2P near the red line at 2015 close. So at least some medium term support nearby. 

PIN (India) strong buying from YS1, but no follow through. 

Dropping onto AprP here, with Q2P not far below. 

RSX YP rejection but 1HP holding now 4 weeks. Not bad.

Hard to see with current bar but right on AprP today. 

EWZ also holding a lot of gains despite 2 red bars just under YP. Also holding 1HP as support. 

EWZ well above AprP and Q2P. Huge doulbe RSI divergence on recent highs, but holding up well.