Seems like we should see a long term support level on DXY, so that means lower. 

With new Q2 and Apr pivots just 2 days away I will just go straight to quarterly and monthly charts. Actually that is classic BB & RSI divergence on the 2015 Q4 bar. No one should be surprised at some selling here. 10MA far below, room for more pullback. 

Although the M chart looks more bullish, just drop to nicely rising 20MA with RSI in uptrend buy area. Not sure which chart wins here. 

EURUSD lifting up from YP again, will it reach 1HR1?

EURUSD Q chart bounce with similar BB & RSI divergence. 

Although also heading into falling 20MA, near test once so maybe clears this time.

USDJPY low on YS2, but upside limited if USD is weak. 

Now there is a good example of the importance of this exercise... 2015 Q4 small blue bar with wick and lower close that high begs for a drop in the next bar, and that is how it played out. 

Small blue bar in 2016 Jan too, so once Q and M chart showing weakness there was meaningful drop. 

AUDUSD decent rally from 1HS1 along with GLD. Almost tagged 1HR1 but above YP for the first time in quite a while. I also mentioned this as long term buy and hold possibility for this reason a couple weeks ago.

Seems like bounce more to go on this Q chart. 

But M chart heading into falling 20MA, watch for resistance. 

Back in February I noticed that BTCUSD looked good above all pivots, and though if there were stories about $ getting out of China, gold up etc then a digital currency might get a run. It didn't do much. Too bad I didn't know about Ethereum, up to 1530% this year at the highs from 12/31/2015 close, and still up a decent 1190% to today :) Above all pivots with clear support from 1/16-17 of this year and monthly pivot holding the pullback both in early Feb and exact low in March!