Medium length version.

Recent call buying (daily chart level) near extreme but so far call buyers quite correct this week! This helps suggest some consolidation is next move, but none of the other 3 measures are anywhere close to a bullish extreme. We should see at least 2 of these as well as perhaps weekly call reading extreme, before a big top.

We did see some huge sentiment extremes on the lows; check the tag. 

Daily put call with 10MA near relative low area of past year and a half. This qualifies as low extreme, and was reached on 3/14. A similar condition existed last week and that didn't stop the market from jumping above levels and big rally on FOMC day. So a general sort of thing. 

Here's an weekly version. This is interesting to consider. In 2009 this was very very low, so the call buyers were right! But really people had sold so many stocks there was no longer any put protection needed, or maybe the cost was too high. After that more useful as contrary indicator: Put-call spike high near 2011 stock low; put-call extreme low in Q1 2014 after massive QE fueled run all of 2013 although no immediate major top; then another spike high at the September low. Currently in middle of recent range between early December 2015 low and mid January high, no edge. 

ISEE moving averages remain in bearish extremes, helping the market somewhat. This completely conflicts with the put-call data, though ISEE method attempts to remove professional hedging for true sentiment position. In bull market the low readings were good buys. In bear market, or really from 2015, high readings were near key tops. 

AAII managers jumped up to 62 but consider this is exactly middle of the road, right on 50% percentile in all readings from 2006. No extremes.  

AAII individuals after being the most bullish since last November dropped significantly and went more to neutral. Savvy bunch the AAII individuals - also get caught on the turns but this reading can be correct a lot of the time. No extremes.